Sean (wxgeek) wrote in z_car,

new member :)

This looks like a pretty quiet community, but hey, you never know. :)

Hi, everyone. I'm Sean, and this is my 1984 300ZX Anniversary Edition.

blue fender and all. :) she's my baby, and I'm slowing restoring her to factory appearance. (performance is a totally separate matter. ;) )
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veery quiet community lately..

Quite the 24 year old hottie you got there.

Something about those turbo Z31s get inside of you.
She's my baby. :)

Yeah, sloooow. =\ It's kinda sad... I hope there's folks just lurking. Maybe I'll post more and see what happens. :)
Nice! Good luck with the project! I'm in the same boat. I'm only a headliner and a seat repair away at this point. (w00t!)
my headliner and seats are in perfect condition. :)
*ahem* yes, yours is an AE. :D Good luck with yours too! Maybe we all can slowly revive this particular community. :D