DJ Pipe, Super Eurobeat DJ at Large. (lanikin) wrote in z_car,
DJ Pipe, Super Eurobeat DJ at Large.

VG30E Question.

Hello Z car!

I own a 1985 300ZX Na, and in October I lost my timing belt and my engine suffered untold damage.
Do any of you know what I should expect to see when I get time off in the summer to tear the engine open? I expect some valve damage and whatnot, but I thought it would be good to ask other owners to see if they have gone through the same ordeal.

should my valves be trashed, would it be better to replace them, or swap out the motor?

Any input i could receive would be appreciated.
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You're replacing that engine.

Lucky us our jap cars have that "JDM" motor pool so you can always find another good one quick.
Thats what I thought.

Im gunna look for a Turbo motor or a VG33 To swap in. Ive had more ambitious plans in the past, but I dont have the time or money to jam a RB36DETT in my Z.
HA! RB, yeah we've all thought of that one. Time isnt the issue nearly as much as $$$.

But yeah, a relatively stock swap is cake and cheap too. Cheaper than a long block rebuild.
I found a front clip of a R32 for around 5grand with transmission and front diff. So at the time I hatched a plan for a super-complicated AWD conversion that would require more custom parts than I can think of and would cost me my left nut.

But a guy can dream.

Im not too attached to the stock motor, or it's POS transmission, so i'm hoping to find both as a package and do a duo swap at the same time.