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Selling my Z...

So I have decided to sell my Z.

A few reasons:

1) I have two baby girls now
2) It needs work
3) because of number 1, I don't have the time to work on it

It's a 1993 NA 2+2

It's automatic
GReddy Style body kit
Carbon Fiber Hood
Nismo Air Filter
Kosei 17" wheels
JUST had it painted metallic blue
New larger drilled/slotted rotors
New front (OEM) calipers runs, however, because the head gasket is blown, you can't drive it cause you can't put water in it. What sucks is, when it's running it runs REALLY well...

I had the injectors replaced a week ago as well as wiring for the injectors ($600)
All the hoses and belts replaced
Transmission flushed
almost everything under the hood has been replaced at one time or another

I'll post pics when i get home tonight.

I think I'm going to ask in the neighborhood of $1500 OBO.
I figure there is more than that in just parts on the car. I payed $1300 for the wheels alone.
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Hey, you still going to post those pics? ;)

(The Boy is interested - I told him about it the other day.)
yeah sorry...i'll get them up today around 11:30-12:00
if he is really interested...i'll go down to $1k

...i really need to just get it out of my hair (its blocking my driveway)